April 28, 2021

How To Connect With Yourself & Others

On Sunday afternoon I held a beautiful Guided Grounded retreat where we shared our hearts, connected with our breath, and left into the world strong enough to handle anything that life throws our way.


A message came through to me during the session that I want to share with you to help you connect with yourself and others in your life.

How To Connect With Yourself & Others

I know it’s not always easy to show up for yourself. Sometimes we have all the willingness in the world but all the resistance, whether it’s you or kids or something else in your life. So to ask you to show up for yourself and the world can be a huge ask, but we need to show up for more than just ourselves.


The awareness we bring to our practice and lifes radiates beyond us. It radiates into our immediate family unit, our friend unit, and beyond. 


The energy lately has felt weird. We don’t know what’s going to happen or what we can make out of life. We’ve learned that 1+1 doesn’t always equal two, and what’s being asked of us is to really find value in our intentions, in ourselves, in our lives in new and interesting ways.


What came through to me in this session, is that sometimes, we not only need to show up for ourselves but to show up for the world too.


We can be there for ourselves, but I believe there is a deeper layer when we’re grounding ourselves down into Mother Earth, into the roots, into the soil – we’re seeing the soil underneath others too.


So as you show up for yourself, let others feel that from underneath them. Let them experience that radiating out into the world. 


Together, all of us can create a new wave of:

  • What is life?
  • How am I feeling?
  • How am I showing up for myself today?

Understand that you’re here for yourself, but it’s okay if the world is asking something of you too right now.

Comment below and tell me how you’re feeling!



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