January 28, 2020

I’m Headed Back to My Favorite Place

As I write this, I am looking out over beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, getting ready for my Magic 2020 retreat to begin, and I can’t help but think about how powerful these weekends are. There is special alchemy in retreats, and there is really nothing like creating a container to go in and do the work. 

So if the stars didn’t align for you to be here with me in Guatemala, don’t you worry. I’m excited to officially announce that this June, I will host my second annual Go With Your Gut Retreat at Kripalu – one of my favorite places on earth (think adult summer camp)! 

It may seem like June is far away right now, but if 2019 taught me anything, it’s that I need to be committed to the time I take for myself so I can show up for the life I’ve created. So if this speaks to you (you know who you are), come spend a magical weekend with me in my happy place.

During this relaxing and inspiring weekend, we’ll be diving deep into how to connect to your intuition, and you’ll return home with tools and tips on how to really bring this concept into your everyday life. We’ll also dive into some deep meditations, journal and have tons of time connect to ourselves.

Beyond the workshops I’ll be teaching, you’ll get time in nature, unlimited yoga and delicious, healthy food from the Kripalu kitchen. You can probably understand why this is one of my happy places and why I’m personally so excited for this special weekend. 

Plus, I’m bringing back my offering for a bonus group coaching call for the first 15 people who sign up! 

Learn more + register for the retreat here: Go with Your Gut Retreat at Kripalu

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