June 12, 2018

Music Meditation

During last week’s Rockstar Coaching Collective call (a live, in real time high level coaching program I run and will be sharing more about next month!) I led a guided meditation where we used music and our senses to connect to ourselves.

Most often the things that I talk and teach about in this group are the tender spots I’m working on myself. Meditation has been something that’s felt sticky for me for the last few weeks – I haven’t had a consistent practice, or more importantly, a practice that really drops me in, that allows me to actually go in and dig around and connect to me.

I actually love meditating and I know the value of a consistent practice, I know how it has the power to completely shift things for me, but yet sometimes I resist going there.

Often we have an idea in our heads about what meditation has to look like and I find this is why so many of us fall away from it, or don’t go as fully IN as we can, as our bodies and our spirits want us to.

Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting in silence. It doesn’t have to mean clearing your mind completely, or feeling “at peace,” or becoming enlightened. Meditation is the practice of connecting to YOU – your feelings, your emotions, your gut – and sometimes that can be uncomfortable, it can be loud, it can be emotional.

A New Way to Meditate

Recently I had an experience that reminded me of this. Specifically, I was reminded that music can be used to evoke emotions and that all of our senses can help us get more and feel more from meditation. Last Sunday I was getting ready for my day, fresh out of the shower and in my towel when I very clearly heard: sit your butt down, play this song and go IN.

So I listened (even though I didn’t want to!) and when I finally let myself really relax and go in, sooo much came OUT. It felt incredible. And even just after a few songs in this state, I felt a healing of sorts happening for me. So cool.

Guided meditations can be great, but that’s not what I’m going to share with you today. Today I’m sharing my current meditation playlist, plus some prompts for you to ask yourself during or after the meditation. Feel free to write out your responses to these questions, or simply let yourself meditate on your answers while you listen to the music.

Here’s the playlist: Music Meditation Playlist

And here are some prompts:

To connect to your senses: Right here right in this moment, what do you smell? Right here right in this moment, what do you see? Right here right in this moment, what can you sense on your skin? Right here right in this moment, what can you hear? Right here right in this moment, what is your experience? Go into it. Do not be afraid, just go. Let yourself go, let yourself feel, let yourself BE in it. Remember to include your senses, your feelings, your heart, your mind, your soul, your gut. It’s all part of the practice.

To connect to your soul: What is your soul connected to right in this moment? What does it need? What are you breathing through right now? What are you feeling through right now? What is your body asking you to let go of? Get over? Move on from?

To connect to your gut: What do you need to do? Where do you need to go in your mind right now? What do you need to give yourself permission to feel? Maybe you need to feel your power, your strength, your roots. Maybe you just want to hang out with the vision of yourself as a strong powerful tree. Maybe you need to be a cloud and float and feel the air move through you. Let yourself go there.

Whether you’re a regular meditator or brand new, I encourage you to try out this different way of approaching meditation. Let yourself feel, let yourself sense and let yourself explore.

Then I’d love to hear from you – how was your experience? Was it easier for you to drop into your meditation using the music or the prompts? Are there any other practices in your life that, like music, can help you connect to you?

Leave a comment below and let me know how this practice went for you.


PS. Need some meditation inspiration? Listen to this playlist: Music Meditation Playlist

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