June 30, 2022

My Unique Teachings Around Meditation

On Tuesday, I hosted a meditation workshop in the Guided Grounding Membership and had one of those magical moments where I was able to put my exact feelings and philosophy into clear words and I could feel the impact it was having on everyone there. Not always easy to do as a teacher and coach! It felt so good, in fact, that I’d like to share the Three Foundations of my Meditation Practice below to support you and your meditation practice.

  1. We can all be our own version of a meditator 

Confession: I’m not a consistent meditator. I want to be, but the reality is I’m not. I am the kind of the meditator that squeezes it in when I can make the time and you know what? I’ve decided that that’s more than okay. I am still a meditator even if it’s not a 20 minute mantra in complete silence or whatever our “vision” of meditator is. Whatever you do is enough. 

  1. It’s okay to go back

One place I find keeps us stuck from a regular meditation practice is that if it doesn’t happen right away, like first thing in the morning, we consider it not happening for the day. You can go back. You can start over. You’re allowed to show up for yourself in any moment that works for you. Sometimes I can create a little bit of space first thing in the morning, but many times I go back and do it later when both kids are set up or when I eventually get to my office. You can go back to it anytime, even in the car after drop off. 

  1. Pull from what works for you

There are many different ways to meditate. Find what works for you. Some days I put on my meditation teacher Orkie while getting ready. Sometimes I take a few minutes in silence with 3 deep breaths. My suggestion is to create a meditation tool box you can pull from at any time. Some options could include a few Guided Grounding Sessions you love, a couple of short meditation songs you enjoy, and of course, a silent meditation is always available too. Then when you need to meditate you’ll be able to feel into what is right for you from those options. 

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Plus you’ll have immediate access to the recording of the Meditation Workshop so you can hear more about my meditation practice and philosophy. It was a good one, friends!

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