June 29, 2020

Pause and Reflect [Audio gift for you from me]

In one of my recent Rockstar calls, we took time to pause and reflect on what has come up for people during this time. 

This time has been a lot. Everyone is having a unique experience because we all have our own set of circumstances, beliefs, fears, etc. But one thing that’s very clear is that there has been an intensifying of whatever is going on. There is a shift happening and there’s something in you, in all of us, that is being illuminated right now.

Have you thought about what that might be for you? In one of my final Rockstar calls earlier this year, I took the group through a guided meditation and journaling exercise. They loved it so much that I wanted to share it with you, too.

Time for reflection [Audio gift for you from me]


Click here to download the special audio including a guided journaling exercise

During the exercise we’ll reflect on what’s been going well, what’s shifted in this time that you might want to carry forward into the future, and even what might never want to come back. I personally do really well when I have a minute to think about how I’m really feeling and changes I want to implement for my future and we do exactly that in this video.

Tell me what changes you are planning to implement?


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