January 11, 2023

Permission To Start 2023 Slow

If you’ve been following along on IG you’ve probably seen in my stories I got sick again (yes, I blame the Phish shows lol), but more than anything it seems like a cosmic reminder (Hello, Mercury Retrograde!) to move even MORE slowly into 2023. 

If you feel like 2023 has needed a sleepier start, know you’re not alone and I wanted to share what I’ve done to support this.

>> I cleared my schedule (even more) in January to focus on the basics. This looked like more planning meetings with my team and less program start dates. Wow! What a relief! 

>> I also upped the body care big time. I went to IMD Beauty Spa and was slathered in magnesium, wrapped up, and sweated it out in the infrared hot box. I needed this so much! (and we’ll be sharing a newsletter soon on how you can do this at home!)

>> In the theme of taking care of my personal home, my body, I’m also getting my hair color refreshed. I usually wait until the laaast possible second to get my hair done, but it always makes me feel good to have fresh hair. I don’t know why I put it last on my list so I decided to make it one of the first things to do in the New Year. 

>> Also if you missed it, here’s my #1 New Year’s Resolution! It’s a fun one, friends, join me in it!! 

Hope this serves as inspiration if you need permission to take it slow, cancel some plans this month, and take the best care of you that you possibly can.

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