December 16, 2022

Go With Your Gut in 2023 Retreat Recap

Oh Go with Your Gut Retreat, YOU WERE A GOOD ONE! 

go with your gut in 2023 retreat

Even I have my 2023 mapped out! In the middle of December, the holidays, and the end of the year… I was able to tap into my clear vision and so did all my incredible attendees at the Go with Your Gut in 2023 retreat! It was such a beautiful day full of meditating, creating, and gathering!

Check out our reel for a peek into the retreat

I’m still riding high from the retreat because I KNOW making time to take care of yourself in supportive community is the biggest gift you can give yourself. I could feel all the powerful changes + shifts for these incredible women. 

If this is inspiring you, here’s a paired down version of what we did at the retreat that you can do at home! First, schedule a two hour window for yourself to write out all you accomplished in 2022 (even things you powerfully said no to can be included!). Then, thank it, honor it all, and release it. 

Next, on a fresh piece of paper start to write out all your goals and visions for 2023. I also like to include a “wouldn’t it be cool if” list for those REALLY big dreams! I then like to take my top 3 and start to project map them. What needs to happen for those visions to come into reality? You can keep going and even map out what goes into each quarter for the year. I like to do this in sections, with a professional focus and then with a personal one. On my 2023 map out? Lots and lots of Your Healthiest You offerings (like my Mastermind!) coming your way and of course tons of concerts and travel! 2023 is going to be a big “repeat” year for me and I’m into it! 

And a big part of my year ahead plan is to host more retreats… I’m thinking once a season! How does this sound to you?! Hit reply and let us know!

I also wanted to give a big thank you to @dailydosemeals for our delicious breakfasts and to all of our brand sponsors for making our gift bags truly next level! Be sure to check out these amazing brands and give them a follow! @newchapterinc @balancedbites @furtunaskin @yourjoyologist @agniforall @matchaful @purely_elizabeth

go with your gut in 2023 retreat

What a way to close out 2022!

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