October 19, 2015

Birthday Par-tay: Pay What You Can Rockstar Roadmap

It’s my birthday, let’s par-tay! I’m throwing a virtual birthday bash and you’re all invited! How do you get in on the fun? Read on…

Here’s the deal: I decided to celebrate my birthday this year with my YHY community by making my online program The Rockstar Roadmap a pay-what-you-can program for 48 hours only! This 6-week program is usually $399 but you can enroll in this awesome healthy + fun course at a “pay-what-you-can” rate for this very limited time! And if you’re an alum of The Rockstar Roadmap we will be firing up the Facebook group again with so much support and love, including a celebration call at the end! You don’t want to miss it! Now that’s a reason to celebrate!

Here’s a little refresher on The Rockstar Roadmap – this is a 6 week online program on how to live your life – how-to handle weeknight dinners with ease, how-to do the holiday parties without eating everything in sight, how-to survive your kid’s 10 millionth birthday pizza party you’re attending – all while making the good-for-you decisions that have you bursting with energy and feeling damn good in your fabulous new fall wardrobe.

Ready to join the party?

Step One:

>> Make your contribution below! <<

Step Two:

Email your PayPal receipt to [email protected]

That’s all! After you submit your receipt you’ll receive access to get started! And if you’re an alum just jump back in the Facebook group and join along!

Some need to know details:

  1. This offer ends at 11:59pm EST Tuesday October 20th. We will not be sending any follow-up emails or reminders.
  2. This offer is only valid for The Rockstar Roadmap virtual coaching program in its current format on 10.19.2015.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse too-low offers. As stated the program investment is typically $399, use your best intuitive judgement. If you need to set up a payment plan we can do that for you, just email [email protected] with the total payment and how you would like your payments to post each month. Just be sure to get that email in waaay before the deadline so you can submit your first payment by close of offer.
  4. If you have questions email us at [email protected] and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
  5. If you are already a Rockstar alum or would like to gift this program to someone at the pay-what-you-can rate we are so into that!! Email [email protected] and we’ll get your special request taken care of.
  6. If you can’t do PayPal let us know and we’ll find another payment system that works for all.

So excited to celebrate with all of you!

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