May 14, 2024

There’s Still Time for a Mother’s Day Do-over!

To all those who celebrate Mother’s Day, how was yours this past weekend? 

A few years ago I started implementing a 50/50 Mother’s Day schedule where I spend half of the day with my family, and the other half of the day I get allllll to myself. This year I got a massage and spent hours ALONE (well, away from my family at least) and it filled my cup in so many ways. I do in fact love my family very much, but the best way for me to feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and most like myself, is to spend some intentional time without them – either with girlfriends or totally solo. 

If you’ve never tried this before and you’re like that sounds AMAZING, consider this newsletter your full permission to make it happen. Maybe for Mother’s Day next year, or on your birthday, or um, maybe even this weekend, because why not?? It’s amazing how much better we can feel in our lives with some real downtime, even just a couple hours. 

And if you’re like YES GOT IT BUT GIVE ME MORE… I do have the most special day planned for THIS Sunday, May 19th IRL in Brooklyn, NY…. 


😔If your Mother’s Day was NOT IT this year and you want a do-over…

🥴If your day was great but you still wish you could get away for a few hours…

😏If you got a cute card from the kids but have been dreaming about a massage or a facial…

😒If your family took you out for a really messy and chaotic brunch and you’ve been dreaming about a sit down meal with other mamas and no kids allowed…

🤩If you enjoyed your Mother’s Day so much that you’re not ready for too much time to pass before you can enjoy yourself again… 

… then join me and a crew of FAB mamas this Sunday, May 19th for my Hot Mama Mother’s Day Experience!

🍽️Think gorgeous setting and farm-to-table food from Moabet

💆‍♂️Mini microcurrent facials from So Skin NYC

💆Massages from my personal massage guy

💅Nail touch ups from Paintbucket Nails

💄Makeup touch ups and tips from the Alex Gill Glam team

🌼Acupressure ear seeds from WTHN

🧘Mind Body upgrades from Rachael Hall

📸Stunning photos from Claire Harvey

🎁Gift bag (that’s actually a chic AF backpack from Beckmann USA) of your dreams!!

AND MORE (believe it or not)! 

I mean, just look at this outfit inspo board we sent to our attendees this week!

I really don’t want you to miss this, please let me spoil you!!! We have just 5 spots left! 

Hope to see you Sunday,


PS Grabbing a girlfriend and joining? YAY! Just hit reply to this email for a special discount code and additional beauty gift for the next 2 people to register!

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