July 31, 2013

Virtual Vacation


I am completely overwhelmed by the incredible emails, tweets and comments on my blog post, My Promise List. It seems that the idea of doing less (and feeling more) is resonating with so many of you. I’m happy to report that for the most part, I’ve done less pretty well. Said no to a lot of social obligations, made my family a priority (especially my mama’s birthday!), and asked myself many times, “Does this feel joyful?”. One area I wasn’t so great on was working out (oops! I tried!). I will say that just giving myself the permission to not work out made those workouts so much more pleasurable again. I knew I was there because I truly wanted to be.

And then I realized that this is how most things in life should feel – they should feel like you’re doing them because you truly want to.

One thing I know we all want to do more of, no matter what your age or where you live, is GO ON VACATION!

Continuing with the play on doing less coupled with a deep desire to be on vacation during the hot summer months, I’m throwing a free 10-Day Virtual Vacation.

And you’re coming with me.

No matter if you’re already going on vacation, currently on vacation or just getting back from one, you’ll want to dive deep into our  virtual vacation.  It’s a chance to have fun, relax and truly feel like you soaked up summer to it’s fullest. After all, don’t you often feel like you need a second vacation just to recover from the one that just ended?   Oh and yes, wine is definitely included (or a Kale Margarita, whatever your fancy ;))

Here’s how the Virtual Vacation Challenge works:

  1. Join the FREE 10-Day Virtual Vacation Challenge before August 30th, 2013 by entering your name and email below. It’s been extended to the end of the month!
  2. Your 10-day virtual vacation journey begins!  Each morning of the challenge, you’ll receive a simple and inspiring action email to incorporate into your day. These “tasks” will be fun and easy. Even if you’re already on a trip, they’ll allow you to fully enjoy so that you don’t get home and feel like it didn’t even happen (you know the feeling)!
  3. Share your daily action step on all your social media streams using the hashtag #YHYVirtualVacation.


Virtual Vacation - Your Healthiest You

Now here’s the extra fun part (and why you really MUST join)…

What’s another thing we love besides vacations? Awesome free sh*t.

By signing up for the free 10-Day challenge before August 31st, you’ll be eligible to WIN:


The Virtual Vacation Challenge has ended.  
Thanks to all of those who participated!

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