August 25, 2022

We Travelled To Europe & This Is How It Went

We just got back from traveling through Europe as a family. I’ve posted a few vlogs from our trip to Italy and thought it could be fun to take you along! 

Traveling with littles, never easy, ALWAYS worth it! 

Florence provided the perfect audio for a dance party 

More Florence with tons of walking, eating, drinking and shvitzing

And then our travels from Florence to Tuscany

I also led a beautiful Guided Grounding session for my membership that was so needed (anyone else feeling the summer spins?). During the session we chatted about the details of the bonus virtual retreat and I wanted to share it with you all as well! This option is still available when you join the Membership with the yearly option.

Sign up here! I know we’re all going to need LOTS of meditating this fall and I would love to support you in your practice. 

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