May 4, 2015

This Will Shock Many Of You . . .

This week I got real with my email list.

If you follow me on social media, you know that even as a health coach, I’m not always the healthiest. Let’s face it though, being healthy 100% of the time is a total bore. That’s why today I’m giving you permission to be a little bit “bad”. Let me explain . . .

Sometimes post health kick or major life event, I get really tired of doing everything “right.” The little rebel inside start to get restless, and I know it’s time to let her out toIMG_6121 - Edited play. Usually this means a day or weekend (sometimes even a week!) of saying “f*ck it” to all my normal non-negotiables.

I skip my morning meditation.
I binge watch shitty TV.
I eat a whole pint of cashew milk ice cream.
I stay up past my bed time.
I eat “too much” chocolate.
I have an extra cocktail (and skip the water).

But most importantly, I don’t give a f*ck.

While “cheating” (what the mainstream calls this kind of “behavior”) used to cause my life to completely unravel, I’ve finally learned how to take a break without going completely crazy. What I’ve realized is that each time I take a break from my routine, I return to my regular habits renewed and inspired to up level. The key is to let loose without losing yourself completely. {tweet that!}

For example, while I may stay up an hour or two later I don’t keep myself awake until 2 in the morning. And while I may have an extra glass of wine or finger of whisky, I’m sure not to make it two extra. Most importantly though, I don’t sacrifice my standards. While I’m indulging a bit more than usual, I don’t slip back into eating shit. Because that never makes me feel good.

So tell me, how do you take a break without going crazy? Comment below!



PS. Were you a little rebellious this weekend? Starting on Wednesday I’ll be hosting a little #RockstarReboot for my followers on Instagram! Come join us for 7 days of super simple (and totally unexpected) detox tips. To start be sure to follow me there!

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