April 7, 2023

Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind

As I’ve shared with you, everything major I’ve experienced in my business was not from some business course – it’s because I’ve been in the room (or at the table) with the right people! 

You can have all the tactics in the world — the right launch formulas, the right hashtags — but the thing that really moves the needle? The connections you’ve made, and keep for decades to come.

This is why I continue to invest in Masterminds, retreats and small group intensives, and why I offer these experiences to my community.

In mid-February we kicked off our 2023 Rockstar Mastermind! It’s been so incredible getting to know these ladies over the last month and a half, and I’m excited to introduce you to them today. 

You’re going to want to follow and watch the spaces these women hold – they’re doing big things in the world, and are a wealth of amazing resources across the fields of health and well-being!

business mastermind

Allow me to introduce the members of the 2023 Rockstar Business Mindset Mastermind:

Tara is a functional nutrition coach and author of Clean Cocktails! She joined the Mastermind because she’s ready to create a new refreshed brand and take her work to the next level! 

Megan, a holistic health practitioner, empowers female leaders to banish burnout + thrive alongside autoimmune conditions. She’s utilizing the Mastermind to flourish in all areas – running a business, keeping healthy, and financial abundance. 

Jolie, MSW, M.Ed, CPC is an Anxiety Coach for women over 50. She uses a wide range of modalities (mindset, bodywork, self care, breath work, guided meditations) to support her clients. 

Erin is an Integrative Nutritionist focusing on women’s health (gut, thyroid fertility, motherhood, menopause). She joined the Mastermind to fine tune her offerings and strategically direct her energy towards what moves her business forward. 

Kim knew community was a MUST as she launches into new territory in her business. Her company Yin Soul Co. provides artisan hand poured candles, bath products, and crystals.

Calli also joined the Mastermind for a supportive community as she rebrands her work. She’s on a mission to help sober, single mommas find their freedom & tribe as a holistic health coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. 

Kelsey has a beautiful practice as an integrative nutrition health coach with emphasis in digestive health! She has an amazing Digestive Fire Membership as well as a Happy, Healthy, Belly Course and wants to use the Mastermind to go all in with her work. So many tips on her page!

Archana joined the Mastermind to solidify her offerings as a holistic health coach. She’s particularly interested in the impact of stressful lives on our physical and emotional wellbeing (YES!). She wants to help people be fully present and reclaim their lives. 

Andrea is a certified wellness coach, nutritionist, and self-proclaimed health nerd! She’s using the Mastermind to expand, grow and learn especially around program offerings.

Felisha runs Divinely Organized, a productivity, organization, and self-development brand which helps clients achieve goals and manage their time.

Nichole’s health coaching company You.Balanced’s goal is to help as many people as possible in a very sustainable and impactful way. She’s working on a new platform we’ll def be sharing more about with you as she launches it. 

Jill is a registered nurse and a certified health coach who uses her healthcare experience to help clients navigate medications, disease management & lifestyle changes. She joined the Mastermind to focus on growing her group coaching and programs.

Angela is a holistic health coach and natural food chef. Her goal with the Mastermind is to find more work life balance while growing her business. 

Want an easy way to follow them all? >> Check out our Mastermind welcome reel here!

Finally, a huge thank you to each of these Rockstars –  Thank you for saying yes with your heart, soul, and going with your gut! I am truly honored to be sitting at the table with you 🙂 

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